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Society Officers and Contacts

Click on the underlined names to e-mail the officers and contacts listed below.


David M. Edwards 

Lieutenant Commander

Harry Watt

Chief of Staff

Ronnie S. Roach


Byron Brady


Ronnie Roach

Editor - "Farthest to the Front"

Byron Brady


David M. Edwards


George Valsame

Judge Advocate and Parliamentarian

To Be Determined

Color Sergeant

Bill Bunting

Junior Reserves

Patrick Williams


Robin Lattimore

State Marker Liason

Larry Beason

Facebook Editor/ Webmaster

Craig Pippen


To Be Determined

E-Mail updates to the Webmaster



How To Join or Start A Chapter in
Your Area

Membership is open to male descendants, either lineal or collateral, of the Confederate Officer Corps or any elected or appointed member of the of the Confederate Government. Applicants must be at least twelve (12) years of age. Ancestral documentation must accompany all applications for membership.

To locate the North Carolina MOSB Chapter closest to you, visit our North Carolina Chapters page.

To start a chapter in North Carolina you must have a minimum of five applicants who meet the above requirements for MOSB membership. For additional information or assistance starting a Chapter in your community, contact any of the Society Officers listed on this page.